Wednesday, 16 November 2011



I am currently very much obsessed of the song below :


It is an old song of the year 2009, but I just can’t help it.

The movie is by Karthi and Tamanna, and the video clip is just so sweet!!

The lyrics:


The translation :

Thuli thuli thuli mazhaiyaai vanthaaley
As the drops of rain, she came
suda suda suda marainthey ponaaley
As it became hot, she disappeared
paarthal paarka thondrum
A glance makes me look at her
perai ketka thondrum
Makes me ask her name
poo pol sirikum podhu
When she laughs like a flower
kaatrai paranthida thondrum
It makes me want to fly like the wind
sel sel avalidam sel
Go, go, go with her
endrey kaalgal solluthada
So my legs tell me
sol sol avalidam sol
Tell, tell, tell her
endrey nenjam kolluthadaa
So my heart kills me
azhagai manathai parithu vittaley
She had beautifully plucked my heart
thuli thuli thuli mazhaiyaai vanthaaley
suda suda suda marainthey ponaaley
Charanam 1
devathai aval oru devathai
Angel, she is an angel
azhagiya poo mugam kaanavey
To see her beautiful flower-like face
aayul thaan podhumo
Is my lifespan enough?
kaatriley avaladhu vaasanai
In the wind is her scent
Avalidam yosanai kettuthaan
Only after asking her for advice
pookalum pookumo
Do the flowers bloom?

netri meley ottrai mudi aadum bothu
Upon her forehead, as a single hair dances
nenjukkulley minnal pookum paarvai aalai thookum
In the heart, there is lightning. Her gaze raises me up
kannam paarthaal muthangalal theendazh thondrum
Her cheek makes me want to caress her with kisses
paatham rendum paarkum bothu golusaai maara thondrum
Her feet makes me want to become her anklets
azhagai manadhai parithu vittaley
She had beautifully plucked my heart
sel sel avalidam sel
endrey kaalgal solluthada
sol sol avalidam sol
endrey nenjam kolluthadaa
Charanam 2
saalaiyil azhagiya maalayil
In the street during the lovely evening
avaludan pogavey yenguven
I yearn to go with her
tholgalil saayven
I will rest against her shoulders
bhoomiyil vizhugira velayil
As it falls on the earth
nizhalayum odi poi endhuven
I will run and hug her shadow
nenjiley thaanguven
I will bear her in my heart
kaanum bothey kannal ennai katti pottal
When I looked at her, her eyes tied me up
kaayam indri vetti pottal uyirai yedho seithal
She cut me up without any wounds; she did something to my life
mounamaagha ullukkulley pesum bodhum
When I speak softly within myself
angey vanthu vottu kettal
She came there and eavesdropped
kanavil koochal pottal
She created disturbances in my dreams
azhagai manathai parithu vittaley
She had beautifully plucked my heart


Scenes from the video.




Till then~

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