Thursday, 10 November 2011

The know-all.

I bet everyone have met at least one know-all character in their life. Know-alls can be really irritating.

And we just wish them to disappear when they made their appearance at unwanted scenes!

Know-alls can be in a wide range of group and are generally tolerable, provided they come in your group of age.

The intolerable ones normally are one of your classmates, your roommates, your officemate and perhaps your social media buddy. Still, you can choose to ignore them.

But, how if they are your superior who have a very strong influence towards the decision maker?

Like your lecturers' favourite student or your boss's spouse.

Now, why am I talking about this now?

Because, I met one who IS very irritating. I stressed the word is because I am facing the person on daily basis now. I met a few others in my past, but they are all tolerable.

But this one is just so intolerable that not only me, the rest of us in our office can't wait to quite and just walk off from the office.

Come on lah, who do you think can tolerate such a person? Not only stress because of work, but also underpaid. So, it's reasonable for us to quite, rite?

Anyways,  lets' get back to the story.

Let me name the person as X. X is one of the director for the company I am working with now. Under the company, two main business is running whereby one is run by the Y and fthe other one is run by X. I am working under Y and it was clearly stated in my appointment letter during the probation period.

Y is running an event business while X is doing a MLM @ multi level marketing business.

X thinks he is very knowledgeable whereby he thinks he is always right. He even asks us to help him in his job. Unpaid.

Not only that, X is a very proud character. He thinks he knows every single thing about his business which has a little bit of science in it. And he is trying to teach a science graduate about what she learnt in her university?!

Not only that, once X had this networking program going on and he ask my help as well as my friends' help who is a pilot. X actually sweet-talked us into helping him. We were totally lost during the event, as business is sooo not our thing. We tried our best though. In the end, what we got was scoldings. We were of caused mad but kept it with us.

Once, he taught me how to do thosai and i was like WTH?! I have been doing and eating thosai for years and you are teaching me how to cook my own traditional breakfast?? Seriously, get a grip!!

The latest thing which really drove us out of our mind, he blamed us for not switching of the office power outlet. When we told him Y was the last one to stay back at the office, be told us to remind Y instead. Hello, instead of showing your boss power to us, why can't you remind Y yourself. After a few moments later, he tried to be nice to us. Maybe he realised that he was wrong and trying to make up for that. But hey, we are not buying it no matter how expansive it is.

All of us can tolerate Y but not X. Seriously, X is driving us out of the office. Sorry Y, but you have to use your common sense rather than just blindly supporting X. You will loose whatever you are doing now, eventually.


Till then~

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