Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Tanned,bronzed,pigmented & darkened skin – thanks to Port Dickson!!


Yeah,that’s my current complexion.

We went to my Chitti’s house at Seremban 2 for the Hari Raya Haji holidays on Sunday and came back home yesterday late evening.


We went to a temple which I last visited when I was 12 years old on Sunday itself. Night, was our get-together talk.

The next day,we woke up as early as 8am (is that early??) and drove over to Teluk Kemang,Port Dickson about 10am.

The weather was awesome.Perfect weather for a perfect day at the imperfect beach.The beach was a little dirty and full of sharp rocks!! Everyone except my Mum got cuts on our feet.

We did a mini barbeque on the beach side too!

I got my self a hat which I longed for quite some time ago.But,it’s pink. @_@

The waves were really strong that it’s pretty difficult to stand in the water without getting washed over by huge and strong waves. *imagine the power and strength of tsunami*

Plus,I don’t know what got into my head that i hit the water with my contacts on!! It was a great, great, GREAT risk I took!! At a point, I wore goggles to take a dip in the water. Nevertheless,I enjoyed!!


I will let the pictures to do their talk :)


The PD.


Discussing over the barbeque??

Reaching for the tuna :)



Stony beach.

Be and my cousie.

My Chitti and me :)

Wave attack!!

2011-11-07 10.28.58


2011-11-07 10.29.19

2011-11-07 10.30.30

2011-11-07 10.41.28

My hat <3

2011-11-07 13.18.52



Till then~

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