Thursday, 3 November 2011

Deep down inside.


It is so hurtful when those who do not deserve what they have now enjoying their privilege but those who deserve it left out, abandoned.

It is even more hurting that those ungrateful person caused those who used to be behind you,to turn against you though you now the mistake is not yours.

It kills when they blame you for whatever they did,and when they twist and turn the real story to put you at the wrong place.

It stabs when people look upon those who have lower qualification than you studying abroad but neglecting you when you have the much better qualification and everyone knows it.

The heart will be in agony when you struggle to make a living with your blood-related close family members,but the ones who do not even know that they were adopted lives a luxury live without any sweat.

It rips you into pieces when you know the law of karma, but you still in pain,of being ignored from those with whom you were close before because of a particular persons’ ability to twist and turn a story for their own sake.SELFISHNESS when the person is in bliss.

Because of that SELFISHNESS,it hurts many souls. It depresses many hearts.


When can I be free from all these?

When can my loved ones be happy ones more?

When can I get an answer to all these?







Till then~

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