Sunday, 23 October 2011

Pink Fetish


This post is all about confession.


Yes,confession of a pink-hater.


I know I sound like…urmm,just ignore this statement.

Boo me!


Okay,back to the topic.

I was never a pink lover.Dead honest.I always adore blues and greens.Nature colors.There are very calming and relaxing colors.

And I never ever adored pink.In fact, I hated them.I seldom wear any pink attires I own.(My mum bought those attires for me btw)


I have to say this.I was surrounded by pink lovers.Dylla Fadzil,Shyamala,Nailil Hanani. And the list goes on.And I was never influenced.


The popular saying goes that when a girl falls in love she will start loving pink items.Cloths,shoes,make-up,accessories.Everything pink.

How far is that true?


The thing is,now I am NOT in love.And I do not adore pink before this.But why am I now adoring PINK?

Weird,but I start thinking that pink is a sweet color.


My first pink?

Elianto Baby Shine Nail Polish.

I still remember the day I went to Village Mall for ‘makan-makan’ session with my friends.I went over to Elianto Booth and checked out their nail polishes.That is when the Baby Shine caught my eyes.

Very sweet pink,mellow and and harmonious.I grabbed it right away.

Many of my friends loved that color.They loved the color on my nails and they said it suits me really well.

One of them even said it depicts my personality very well.Feminine.

Thank you for the compliment,Gunavathi :)

* I got your name right this time!! ^_^*


The color mesmerized me so much that I event told my Dad of getting a scooter of that color.Mad,right?

Even madder when I told my Mum,if I were to purchase a car,be it Myvi or Swift,I am going to get it painted with pink,similar to that of my nail polish. T_T


I got my second pink nail polish bottle,also from Elianto.

Check the post here.

My brother got it for me on my birthday.Candy Pink.

Shimmery pink,you have to get at least two coats of it to make them appear solid on your digits.


My third bottle.Coral Light.

A little bit on the daring side.But the color depicts a cheerful mood,and they really help me to feel better.



The latest pink haul?A pink saree with baby blue border.A real sweet combo.Not a sequined saree,just a decent plain saree.

Cheap and the color caught my attention.And that will be my second saree to be bought with my own money :)


My next pink haul is going to be on bangles and earrings to match my newly-bought saree.


Till then~



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