Tuesday, 9 August 2011



Felt like it had been ages since I’ve properly blogged!!

I missed you,little diary!

I have resigned from Memory Lane after one month there.It was a nice experience working over there,in fact I miss working there.

Now I’m working in a company.Office job.

Really challenging,as it is totally out of my field.Though at first I was in doubt,then I decided to give it a try.To gain some new experience and to get myself exposed to real office environment while waiting for the proper job.

I struggled throughout my first week.However,my workmates told me the job would be fun and I will be enjoying my work there.I don’t have that impression at all.

I even got scolded by unsatisfied customer,though the mistake is not mine.At a point,my mind went blank until the boss came to cool me down.

That bad,huh?

Now I am in my second week,and things are getting better.I am catching up and tomorrow will be my first ever client-meeting session.In Cyberjaya.Sounds cool,rite?But then,the venue was changed to Times Square.Hrmm.

And I might fly together with customer and reporters from a magazine this coming Friday.Hopefully things goes according to the plan.

I really do hope things will be better for me in the near future.

Pray for me,peeps!



Till then.

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