Friday, 19 August 2011

Ice Room


Okay,I found a place to go for a date in the future.


The Ice Room shop.

They serve western food and their highlights will be their shaved ice cream.

I love their interior,so classy and elegant.Very stylish.


Originated from Taiwan,shaved ice have the shaved texture,whereby the ice cream looks as if its shaven from a big chunk of ice cream.

They are served in a pretty bowl,emerald green bowl.Unique,and gives you the feel of sophistication and luxury.

My mother and I decided to give it a try as the shop is located nearby to the temple we use to go.

Since we both were full from the meal we took at temple,we took only a bowl of ice-cream to share.

We had a tough time choosing the flavor,and we ended up with Snowy Blueberry.(I always loved blueberry,so we decided to give it a go).



*pictures are courtesy from Google

The taste was not bad.It’s a mixture of blueberry and vanilla.

Honestly,it was vanilla ice cream with blueberry sauce.

The only thing that spoiled the taste was the raisins/kismis.

Well,let the pictures do the talking..though my pictures are not of high quality,but they have something to say!



*Ignore my super-tired face*


But they are expensive,you can mark my word.

A bowl of ice cream can easily cost you a minimum of RM7.90.

If you are willing to spend,then go ahead :)


Till then.

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