Sunday, 25 December 2011

My upcoming talent


Amma went out somewhere with my brother. Appa went to work. I was all alone at home,and Amma have not cooked. I went to kitchen and saw Amma unfroze pomfret and had put spinach aside.

I then decided to cook something up.

And the result….

2011-12-26 12.22.42

My fish curry :)

I forgot to snap the cooked spinach.

Just ignore this post if you think I am being lame ;)


Till then~


  1. untungnya boleh masak sendiri. saya xpandai masak sgt pun.. kalau mama xde, xmakan la. laparr. hahah..

  2. hehehe..blaja la fatin..nnt nak kawin,kena la masak untuk hubby kan? :)



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