Friday, 9 December 2011

How to look fresh?


Okay, say hi to the noob me. So ‘jakun’ of make up :P

I always wanted a peachy-coral blush,just to make a change from the common pink blush.

I got myself Elianto Blush Pot in Dessert Rose. The look more orange than peach.


*Courtesy from the net.DSC04228


Sorry that I didn’t snap any pictures of my own blusher.I did not intend to do a review on it anyways.

They come in a compact case with mirror and small brush.

The brush was not useful, though.


Back to the story.

So.yeah.The color appeared to be pigmented that I have to blend them in really well, in soft strokes.

The results, they made the whole appearance looked fresh! I heart it so much. Only a little bit of blush for more.


But, I have to be careful not to overdo them as I am not fair. SO I have to be careful with the intensity of the blush. After all, I don’t want to be seen with patched cheeks!!

Anyways, how do I complete the whole look with this blusher?

Nothing much.

First, I apply my daily face cream. Then, I line my waterline with my kohl or eyeliner or kajal. Then, I swirl my brush on the blush, blow of excess blush and swipe them lightly on the apples of my cheek.

I apply my loose powder/compact powder on.I finish of with my Lip Ice Sheer Color.

That’s all. It made me look fresh, and I feel energetic looking at my fresh-looking face.

And of course, i drink a LOT of plain water.



Till then~


  1. nak p tgk jugak la nnt hihi. mine shimmery sgt, tak sesuai sgt for daily use



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