Saturday, 31 December 2011

Holiday Manicure


As I mentioned in my review on Essence Multicolor Blush, I bought my Essence French Manicure in Pink Glam from their counter. I wanted to do something different, so I decided to give my French Manicure a twist.

I also used Essence Nail tip Guide this time. Usually, I used cellophane tape to do my French Manicure but this time i gave the nail tips guide a go.

Have a look at the pictures~

 2011-12-31 00.55.25           1st coat

2011-12-31 00.56.04           2nd coat

2011-12-31 01.10.16           Essence Nail Tips Guide

 2011-12-31 01.10.50 2011-12-31 01.21.15             Elianto in Indian Red on nail tips 2011-12-31 01.19.42            Final result after top coat. Maroon tips instead of the usual white.

Essence French Manicure in Pink Glam gives my nails a natural look with a hint of shimmer. Pale pink in color, it requires two coats for a natural look. Three coats, and the color appears opaque, which does not give the natural look. Other than Pink Glam, they have several other colors in their French Manicure collection which I can’t recall their name. They have nude brown without shimmer,pink without shimmer(similar to Pink Glam bit without shimmer) and off-white ( I think so). Applications is not as easy compared to Elianto Nail Polishes. The applicator brush is quite narrow, so precise application is needed to ensure proper coverage. They dry quite fast, though.

Essence Nail Tips Guide have 30 sticky nail tip guides for precise French Manicure application. It is helpful, but the only thing which I disliked about the product is their sticky factor. The glue is a bit too sticky that it either left residues on my nails or it either strips of bits of nail polish when I remove the nail tip guides. Otherwise, I would say that is is okay.

What do you think?


Till then~

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