Friday, 23 September 2011




Tha name might not be familiar to most of us.

Annona squamosa will sound even more alien to the rest.

How about ‘Buah Nona’?

Sounds familiar? I’m sure you do.

I have heard of this fruit,but never cam across it.I was lucky to come across this fruit,as well as to feast it.

It was yummy.Sweet and slightly sour in taste.

The unripe fruit is green in color,and the skill is hard when touched.

The ripe fruit,is purplish-maroon in color,and is soft when touched.It smelled sweet too.

The seed is black,and tiny.

The fruit’s texture is creamy,and you’ll enjoy it especially if you are a fan of sour sops.And oh,sugar-apple is also known as sweet sops :)

A few snaps for you guys~

16092011Top view


Side view


17092011(001) This is how the flesh looks like.

17092011(003) Seeds.


Try looking for the fruit around.You might enjoy it as well~


And my passion here~


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