Thursday, 8 September 2011

Blissful moment


Okay,I’m ‘terlebih rajin’ today.*In office though.

In the September issue Cleo,I got a sample of shower gel from Palmolive.

The Aromatherapy Shower Gel.

and they were AWESOME!

I am very sensitive towards perfume and shower gels.Anything which smells a little too strong will give me an immediate headache.

However,when i tried the sample of Absolute Relax (the purple one),it was a BLISS.


Honestly.It lathers well too.Foamy and it does give a luxurious bath feel.Trust me.

The Sensual smells great too.My roomie used it before,and it smells great as well.


I never come across the Morning Tonic,but i have a strong feeling that it will have the citrus-y smell.

morning tonic


I’m planning to get a family-sized bottle too,most probably the Sensual.


You should indulge yourselves in these luxurious shower gel too!

 Click here for more!


Till then.

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