Monday, 26 September 2011

Violet Shine - Guardian


I find it weird,as when i consulted Uncle Google, I can’t find any reviews on lip gloss from Guardian.

Maybe it’s not famous at all?

Or is it that bad that no one even tried it on?

Hrmm..I still have the question mark..

Nevertheless,I’m doing a simple stupid,useless review here,just to give those who might want to purchase it a rough idea.

The one I bought is called Violet Shine,and it’s violet in color.

I bought it under a promotion at a price of RM6.88.It’s original price will be about RM11.88.

It glides smoothly,and it has this purplish-pink color,which goes on natural on my lips.

Not very long-lasting,maybe because i smack my lips often.

However,it has this sweet smell and sweet taste,which I don’t adore at all T_T.

Overall,I would say okay but if I were asked will I repurchase it,I will have to think first.

A few snaps,thanks to my useless phone camera @_@:


12092011 It must be twisted at the bottom for the gloss to come out.

P/s: Look at my nails..hehehe

12092011(005) Brush-like applicator

12092011(012)Subtle shade on my lips


Till then~

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