Wednesday, 28 September 2011

A Plain Jane


Past Present and Future

As I sit on my place,I always wonder and ponder.

Wonder about my future.

Ponder about my past.

While swimming my way through the flow of present time.

What will I work as in the future?

Will I be satisfied with my job, my salary and my position?

Will I fulfill my father’s/mother’s dream?

Am I able to live a much better life than that of my parents?

Am I able to fulfill my teensy weensy wishes that I can’t get when I’m young,just because I don’t want to burden my family?

Another question which always pops up in my mind will be my love life.

When will I meet the person meant for me?

Am I to have a love marriage.or is it an arrange marriage?

Where will my prince charming come from?

How does he look like?

What is his character like?

First Look of the Taj, Agra

Sometimes,I just feel so lonely that I want to have the ‘special’ someone to share my thoughts and feelings.

I am being surrounded by my lovely family members who love me unconditionally,but there seems to be a tiny hole in my heart that need to be filled.

I want to have the missing piece of the incomplete puzzle in me.

trulymeaningful She Dreamt   By Tommaso Nervegna

I am not pretty enough to capture guys’ attention effortlessly.

And I don’t want to be so.

I only want to be pretty and effortlessly beautiful and attractive to the eyes of my prince charming.

When will I get that opportunity?

A question,yet to be answered only by time and destiny.


shedreamt She Dreamt   By Tommaso Nervegna

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