Friday, 30 September 2011

Golden Swan


As i mentioned in a previous post,I drooled over a pair of earring.

Check out the post here!

And now,I am the proud owner of my own Golden Swan.(I named!)

I bought it online from D@mini Paradise in Facebook.

They have awesome collection of earrings,bangles,sarees and many many more.

Please feel free to check them out.

Pretty long(it touches my shoulder) and a little bit heavy,but it’s pretty and sassy :)

Also,I must mention here that Damini have a very efficient service and it is very much customer-friendly.

I have bought 2 piece of earrings,and they are all received in their top form.

Packaging?Perfect.Packed in a plastic container,which houses the earrings just nicely,they are being cushioned with cotton pads.The Plastic case is then wrapped with brown paper before being put into the courier pack.

And oh,no delivery charges.

Cheap,easy,nice packaging,customer-friendly,variety of choices.

Isn’t that great?

What else could we ask for?

You can also request for more detailed photo if you want to have a clearer idea of your item-of-interest.


Anyway,here are few snaps for you guys~





Please ignore my tired face and pimples!!Dread my pimpy.



Till then~

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