Monday, 18 June 2012

Officially 23.

Yup, this year I have grown to be a 23 year old damsel ;)

With age comes responsibility and with responsibility comes maturity.

Not only that, as the eldest in the family, I feel obligated to shoulder some responsibility. That makes me feel more adult.

Birthday celebration was not much, I went to Anjeneya Temple in the morning and Sivan temple in the evening. Night, I went to a neighbor's house for some party they organized which I’m not sure for what.

That was it. Unless if you count the numerous wishes I received throughout the day and also the day after. Shobana was the first one to wish and Mugi was the last one to wish. Thousand of thanks for all the wishes. I felt loved and appreciated.

I also received wishes from an unexpected person. A girl. I was overwhelmed. Thank you, akka.

I thank Nailil and Ed too, I never expected a gift from you both, you guys are just so sweet!


02ndJune2012. The birthday damsel :)


P/S: This is a late post. My birthday was on the 2nd of June ;)


Till then~



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