Sunday, 20 May 2012

The characteristic me.

I really loathe it when people advise me for something I am not.

Okay fine. Here/s the story.
I am now working (read: temporarily) in a hotel owned by my dad's close friend.
Let's call him Uncle K okay? Uncle K knows that I am looking for a job for experience sake, so he told me to work with him.
More likely,to help him out to take care/observe the hotel. Since he's a close family friend, I said okay to that offer. After all, it's always fun to learn new things and to work in a new environment. Uncle K even asked me to call him Peripa a.k.a Big Uncle in Tamil ( father's elder brother).
As so, I didn't want to be calculative in my pay whatsoever. I just accepted what they gave me. It was a decent pay for a very relaxing job.

Eventually, he had big plans for me. As in, he will be opening a new branch soon in Sungai Besi, and it seems, he wants me to run the place for him! I was overwhelmed when I got to know that and hence, I am willing to learn all out to know how to manage a hotel. It is certainly a BIG responsibility and I want him to know that he can count on me.


See,there is always a but.

But, we have our consultant here,whose job is to help us to boost our sales, especially through on-line marketing engines.Not only that, he is to guide us in our jobs.
Indeed,he is doing his job. He is so generous that he OVERDO it.
He claimed to work in a 5-star hotel before this. Well, I respect that very much. He must be very well-experienced now that he is our consultant. He even owns his own company,which made me ponder why did he come and work in this hotel first of all?
It seems,owning a hotel is his dream and he will pursue it no matter what.

I am fine with all that.
The part which I am NOT FINE is when he tried to advice or so called motivate me, as he claims himself to be a speaker. Out of nowhere, he will suddenly tell about ATTITUDE, and RESPECTING elders and stuff.
I know I don't have attitude problem, due to my past records in my previous workplace which was excellent. You can ask my bosses if you want. And respecting elders. What the hell?! I respect them very much. We have two elderly man working here, and I respect them the way how I respect my own grandparents.

Not only that,he told me that I am not cheerful enough. He wants me to be bubbly it seems. Hello,Mr D (lets name him as such) you can always ask my friends from my primary,secondary, matriculation and university friends.You can also ask my old workmates. They will also say that I am friendly and bubbly enough. Are you blind or just plain dumb??

He and only HE is the only reason why I wanted to quit this job. Previously,when I newly joined this job, I was very much excited about changing my career path and to learn something new. But now, I just don't want to think about it. Okay,maybe not just now. Not when he is around.

Besides that, he always say that for who he is,he shouldn't be here with us in the hotel. He should have been elsewhere. He even say that he would not admit himself to be an Indian. He'd rather be born in the States. This,I feel is too much. Don't you?


The next time he says anything, I am afraid that I will scold him off or just blast off.

Huh. Let's see how things goes.

This is definitely an experience for me,dealing with different characters.

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