Sunday, 20 May 2012

A prayers answered.

Things are finally getting better I guess.
I am now waiting for the official letter/e-mail before I announce it.

Nevertheless, I see this as a stepping stone for me to emerge in life, for me to slap those who badmouths me and my family, for me to improve my life status and hence for me to set the standard higher than others to out-beat me.

After all, this is the fruit of my endless prayers,patience and effort.

People say, opportunity does not knock twice on your door. This time, a GOLDEN opportunity knocked on my door, without me realizing the arrival,so I grabbed it and will go on with it.

This might be what am I destined to do. The best for me, my family and my future.

The best, however is yet to come for me and I am sure to get it no matter what!

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