Sunday, 27 May 2012

How to get gorgeous curly/wavy hair with minimal effort.

This is going to be a l'il vain post. LOL.

Okay,you can laugh all you can but..okay,leave it.
Let's get straight to the point.

I have been getting compliments on my hair. I dare to say this because I have been receiving them every now and then, and the most convincing compliment is from the saloon lady.
You and I know that saloon lady knows every thing about hair styles,right?

Okay, if you want, you can have a look at my side bar,titled Beautiful Black to have a look at my curls.

I actually curled my hair long,long time ago like waaayyy before my graduation. By the way, my graduation was on the month of October,2011. And the photo was snapped on December 2011.
So,by right, the curls ought to loosen themselves out,no?

Anyway, my routine on how I maintain my hair is that, I make sure I use a good hair conditioner everytime I shampoo my hair. I stick to that regime to get soft and manageable curls. Trust me,it works.

Next, I make sure that my hair is not tangled. After my hair washes, I finger-comb them gently to remove all the unwanted tangles. Only then do I apply hair crème.

Speaking of hair crème, I suggest using curling crème or curling lotion to get the soft,bouncy curls instead of curling mousse as mousse gives you the stiff curls.Stiff curls look defined and pretty,yes,but I prefer natural looking curl.

I refrain myself from combing/brushing my hair after I applied hair crème to avoid 'big',bushy hair.

To get the most out of my naturally wavy + previously permed hair, I clip/pull my hair up into a loose bun when my hair is about 95% wet. Sometimes,I leave them overnight.
The result will be natural-looking curls which are defined and all bouncy.
However, I will never pull my hair up when they are wet,as puling your hair up when they are wet can get you into headaches and colds.

Sometimes, I do use Elips Hair Capsule to add to my hair care.

That is my hair regime.

Now, just yesterday I had my hair trimmed at the saloon,layered it with a fringe.
I adore this style,as I never really had a fringe.

I will keep on following my hair regime, as I call it and I hope I'll like this style till I find a better one :)

P/S: No photos, sorry ;)

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