Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Shoes- how weird can they be?


Many of us, women especially will be dreaming of THE perfect heels.

Slim, tall, sexy. You name it.

Some of us will imagine comfy ballet flats and stylish sandals. Nevertheless, we want something comfortable, stylish, pretty and decent to don our feet in.

But. Just but.

How can people come up with such creations? How weird can they be?

Fishy slippers? Yuck!

Cardboard shoes? Bet you can’t wear these to the washroom.

Now, this is what I call as Croc shoes!

These looks somehow naked to me. And how can we call them shoes as they do not protect our feet?


Pretty…but no thanks!


A shoe, really?

Utter nonsense! If I ever see someone with these, I’ll call the asylum immediately!

Back to the Stone Age.

Steel woman?

Yikes! This is so gross!!

So cute! :D

Miao shoe by Kobi Levi

I just like this one. So delicate.

Flower shoe

Grand! But how to wear them?


Worms shoe by Kobi Levi

So comfy. Ideal for shopping :D

Chair shoes by Kobi Levi

This is nice, kan?





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