Sunday, 26 August 2012

The Fine Wine

This post is meant for adults only. LOL.

I mean, this post is going to be on wine, which means, it is not for underage kids. ;)

I enjoy drinking wine. Mind you, only half a glass.

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What I mean by enjoying wine is that I sip wine to show some respect and I don’t say no to wine all the time. I am not a drunkard, so please, okay?

And I don’t get drunk and was never.

Wine has a lot of health benefits, and it’s vegetarian. LOL again. I mean, it’s made of fruit and since fruit is considered as vegetarian, so… *ignore me,please*

I learnt the wine making process in my undergraduate years. Complicated process? Yes, it is. As you have to get the right parts to get the fine wine.

Image from Wikipedia.

Wine is also a symbol of elegance. When people say they drink wine, you have the good kind of impression. But when people say they drink beer,you get some ‘other’ impression. Right or wrong, you decide. This is my personal opinion, not because I drink wine, but because I feel so.

There is also an art called Wine Tasting. Some people even work as Sommelier, or wine taster. According to my lecturer who taught us Food Technology, a sommelier earns really well. Imagine, all you have to do is to drink, drink and drink wine all day long. Sounds good? I have no comments.

There is also a proper way to decant, or to pour wine out from its bottle. It seems to add more flavor to the wine. Read:

Health benefits: A lot.

Read : 1.


*Just google for more.


And how to drink your wine with style?

Read: 1. 



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