Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Bashfulness overloaded!

My colleague and I had a friendly chat with one of our lecturer here. And I am utterly surprised and speechless and shy and etc etc etc when she mentioned that she knew bout my blog!

I mean, yea, this blog is not private, but you know this is kind of personal things where at times I dump my thought and I write about stuff like nail arts, make up etc..and my boss cum lecturer knows this! OMG!

She’s totally cool bout it, and she even encouraged me to proceed to do another skill in the same category. What’s that, I’ll keep it quiet till I get myself mastered in it ;)


Sheesh..I felt literally my face grew hot the moment she mentioned bout my blog. I was like, oh no! I don’t know whether she reads my blog or not, but if she does,

HELLO DR.! ^_^

Okay, now i really must watch my vocab.

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