Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Do you believe that certain people can bring you bad luck?

I don’t really believe in that, but things happened and I am still wondering about it.

I slipped and fell a few days after I got to know him.

And I fell again, with sprained ankle and skinned knees after talking with him over the phone.

But, after I ended things with him, I felt at peace. Things got better. I eventually finished and completed a few things.

Nevertheless, I’m glad that things are good now.

Thank God.


Yesterday, I felt really good. Literally. I joined a class, just for fun but now I want to be committed to it. It’s a passion that I never get to pursue before this. Eventhough it’s an introductory class, I felt happy and good about it. I learnt more about my self, and I want to improve myself to be better in it.

Hopefully. :)


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