Monday, 1 October 2012

My 1st Daiso Haul



My first ever Daiso haul.

Daiso is so famous in the blogging world. Be it for its make up stuff to its self care product up to its cooking utensils.

And why it is so famous?

It’s an all RM5 item in the shop originated from Japan.

Daiso is similar to our local RM1.99 shop.

Though sounds cheap, not all the items are cheap. As in, I can get a soap dish from Jusco at RM3.90 but the ones in Daiso is priced at RM5. So, expensive or not, you decide.

Nevertheless, I went to Daiso for the first time at Queensbay,Penang with my friend Dylla Fadzil and I am quite happy that there’s a lot of things to choose from. And most of the things are really, really cute. I didn’t have the need to buy the note book as in the picture, but I couldn’t resist getting one. The floral design is just too cute.

And the purple water bottle? I wanted something nice and convenient to use as my water bottle, and I didn’t want to use the normal carbonated drink bottle so that I will always want to carry a bottle of water around. (I don’t drink water so much, I doubt if my daily water intake reaches 1.0L. That bad!) It’s cute, convenient and the most important thing of all, I do bring a bottle full of water around in my bag. :D

Definitely. more hauls to come from Daiso.


P/S: This is a backdated post. So far, I have purchased paper trays, a waste paper basket and also a mud pack which was recommended by Dylla.


Till then~

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