Tuesday, 23 October 2012

FOTD – Deejay on the floor

Last week, I had to spend the nights at work. Due to our production to launch our studio. I was the person in charge of the multimedia. Not the deejay by the way :P The title sounds cool, that’s why the I put them as such.

Everyone in the production will be having some make ups on, so I decided to put up some make up as well. Not that I don’t make up on other days, but I had taken some extra effort to put some extra make up on my face for the event. On normal days, I go bare faced or eyeliner + lipstick one day, lipstick and very subtle blusher on another day. I don’t do my eye shadows to work normally. I keep it for special occasions.

Since I have scored several likes on my profile picture in Facebook, I thought of doing a breakdown on what I had on my face. (though I know the picture looks nice because of the lighting :P)



I applied my compact powder all over my face to create a smooth canvas. I used Pixy compact powder. Cheap and good.

On my lids, I had my Avon Mineral Eye Shadow in Mocha Goddess (Review: here)and a black eye liner pencil on. I skipped mascara though (I forgot to bring mine actually =.="). I first applied the eyeliner, smudged it, applied the eye shadow with a light hand and applied the eyeliner again at the base of my lash line, to make my lashes look thick as though I applied mascara.

Cheeks, I left them bare.

On my lips, I had a nude lipstick. I used my Revlon Blushing Nude lipstick (Review : here)


That’s all. Nothing more and nothing less.

Hope you’ll like my do.


Till then~

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