Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Paul Frank Lip Smacker Liquid Lip Gloss in Julius’ Strawberry Banana - Review

Phew! What a long title!

So, yea. It’s going to be another review on another lip product.

This product, retailing at about RM16.90 (if I am not mistaken) was a free gift with my Playboy Play It Lovely perfume (review coming soon!).

The packaging is so cute and fits into any purse. Very much travel friendly. Made in U.S.A, the slim tube holds 2.8ml of product. It comes with a doe-feet applicator, so application is a breeze.

The product gives the oh-so-yummy smell. It reminds me of some chewing gum I used to chew on when I was a kid. The smell gives me the taste of the chewing gum. LOL! Its’ sweet and pleasant. However, the smell disappears a few minutes after application. No complains here, as I don’t fancy sweet smelling product on my lips as I tend to lick them off. The product does not taste sweet at all, as compared to the smell, so a BIG okay for me.

One of the things I really adore about this lip gloss is that it is not (read: NOT) sticky at all! But it delivers its job really well, the gloss is just the same as any other lip gloss. Staying power is moderate, about 2 hours after application but I think it will wear off after any drinks or food consumption.

Will I re-purchase?

I don’t think I will. I like its’ consistency and the smell, but I know I can get other lip gloss at a cheaper price.

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