Tuesday, 16 October 2012

An unexpected haul form Avon

Yesterday, I went down to the KFC nearby my workplace to satisfy my humongous appetite I happened to have yesterday. I managed to tame my hunger with an X-Meal and one large cheezy wedges-my all-time favorite form KFC.

The result? A full, happy tummy which gave me a happy grin.

Since I am very full, I decided to walk to the Avon branch here which is just a few stores away from the KFC to look for their Glimmerstick in Starry Night Blue if I am not mistaken about the name of the shade. It’s a very pretty dark blue with sparkles. I bought mine in 2010 and I lost my glimmerstick after just using them a few times, How sad, right? :(

Too bad, they don’t have the one i asked for, they have some new eyeliners though. Some Chrome eyeliner I think. I didn’t pay much attention to the name of the eyeliner.

After flipping through their latest catalogue, I happened to see that they are selling some stuff at a reduced rate. All of the items are new and being cuprous,I grabbed a pack.

At a price of RM12.90, these are what I’ve got:



Close up:


Avon Smooth Mineral Eyeshadow in Mocha Goddess


Avon Dual Ended Lipstick + Lip gloss Rose Quartz/Rose Shine


Avon Simply Pretty Jelly Belly Lolly Pop Lip Balm


A sample of Avon Advance Techniques Lotus Shield Frizz Control Hair Treatment forLong Lasting Manageability


Separate reviews coming soon.


P/S: I’ve gotten a warning from my BFF to stop buying this goodies since we are planning to purchase something together. Can’t wait!


Till then~

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