Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Avon Smooth Mineral Eyeshadow in Mocha Goddess

This is the very first mineral make up stuff i have ever bought. As you all know, the ravings about mineral makeups is that it is not harmful to the skin that even the sensitive skin beauties can use them without any worries.


I found this by accident, as I don’t intend to purchase them at the first place.(Refer here: http://theumbrellagurl.blogspot.com/2012/10/an-unexpected-haul-form-avon.html)

This range comes in loose powder form, that is, you have to be careful to apply it. Fortunately, Avon had its container designed as such so that you don’t have to worry so much about spillage and wastage of the product.


Avon Smooth Mineral in Mocha Goddess comes in a sturdy transparent plastic container with a screw cap lid. I love that the lid is a screw cap lid as it offers a lot of protection. The container also comes with a nice brush, placed halfway dipping into the product. So, you don’t need a separate brush for the shadow, and you don’t have to worry about how much product to pick on a brush as the brush picks up a decent amount of shadow on it. Besides, the brush is soft enough to act as a blending brush.



However, since the product comes in loose form, I get fallouts a lot. I have to apply loose powder on my cheeks generously so that I can brush off the excess shadow.


Mocha Goddess is a warm, shimmery brown with a hint of copper in it. Very subtle for day way, and the color is buildable for more intensity. The shadow lone can be used to create gradient on the eyelid, by placing a generous amount of shadow very close to the lash line and blending the color upwards to soften the color.


Swatch (2 swipes) : L- with base; R- without base

I am not sure about the exact price though, but I can assure you that it is very affordable. The product comes in an amount of 2.3g, and I personally think it will last me for quite sometimes as I prefer it sheer.

It really blends into my skin, offering a slight color to my lids. It’s like the no make up look with a slight shimmering effect (read: not glittery).

Mocha Goddess lasts pretty long, about4-5 hours before it starts fading out without primer. I can say that the color can last up to eight hours on the lid with a good base.

Overall, I love the product, seeing that its’ affordable, great color, smoothness of application and does not irritate the eye.

The only concern is on the fallouts, but as I mentioned above, it can be fixed with loose powder.

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