Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Flowers of Life

Today morning, we went to the Spastic Centre for rehearsals. It was tiring for me, since I am now in the process of recovering from a sudden fever+vomit attack yesterday.

It was fun, twirling around with 6 meters of clothes in a sequence of dance steps. It was pretty difficult to work with the kids, but somehow we managed to choreograph the whole dance sequence which is now need to be perfected with practices.

At the end of the show, when everyone is getting ready for the next class, I stood near to the kids, talking craps and giving some motivational words of encouragement to them. They did pretty well today, and they have to know it. Suddenly, one of them, Shaun crawled near to us, beckoning me to come close to him. I went near him. He held my hand and said something. I couldn’t here him, so I asked him to repeat.

He said, “ Kakak, I suka awak,” while looking at me and smiling.

I was taken aback, but I said “ Saya suka you jugak”.

He smiled happily. I felt so good. It was a blessing, I felt.

Shaun, is a child with Cerebral Palsy disorder. At the beginning of the project, my researcher told that all he did was to play dead or not to do anything. He wouldn’t move or say anything, what more to look at others.

But today, he progressed really well and he can move around, talk to people and be loving to people. It’s a really good progress, and we are all happy for him.

The feelings, it is just so difficult for me to express with mere words. It’s a special feelings, which you can only know when you experience them.

And I thank the GOD for giving me a chance to experience the wonderful feeling.



  1. This is such a gr8 post girl. Lovely blog :D
    xoxo <3


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