Monday, 8 October 2012

What I look for in You?

I went back home last weekend, spending time with my dearest family member. Feeling rejuvenated now :)

The power of family love, so divine.

One of our many family talk revolves about me. That I am already 23, going to be 24. That I have to have someone already. That I ought to be ready and prepared for the next stage of life.

That is, the time has come for me to find someone.

I told my mum, I leave it entirely to her and my Dad. They know better I feel. But Mum, she told me that I have to do my part as well. I have to get to know a few guys on my own. I was surprised, but then I came to a realization that I am now grown up and my Mum is being very liberal and open to me. I am happy that she said that, but in the same time I am confused.

Confused as in where can I find for a guy who has the qualities I seek for in a guy?

Almost every girls wants to get married to a Surya,

a Karthi,

a Madhavan

or a Dhanush.

But not all the guys are good looking either. Some has the look but no personality. Some has the personality but goes NULL when it comes to the looks department. Some guys we know we can live a good, secured life while we know we just can’t tolerate some.

Those who scored themselves a gorgeous looking hunk who is smart and is economically secured (work,financial, car, house etc) are really VERY VERY VERY lucky. They just have to make do with some tiny flaws which can be easily overlooked despite the qualities their guy posses.

Coming to the point, what do I look for in a guy as my partner for eternity?

Every girls wants to feel secured when being with him. She wants someone trustworthy, who can guide her in the worldly life and also in the spiritual life. He must be pleasant looking, as she will be spending her entire life with him.You want something pleasant to look at every morning, don’t you? He has to have the good genes, as she wants to have a good looking and smart progeny. At least in my case, I want my husband to be someone who is good looking as I lack in that department. He, has to have a stable job with a handsome income to support our lifestyle. Of course, I will be working as well, but he has to be the main breadwinner. After all, that’s the biggest pride being a man, right?

I want my man to be pious as well, we are nobody without God and I want my life to be blessed always. I want him to be able to guide me.

Besides that, he has to love my parents as how he loves his parents. He must also allow me to do my part of responsibilities to my family. I don’t want him to be the typical Indian guy who has the mentality of girls after getting married should not be responsible for their family.

I want a responsible guy, who takes care of me well, who will do what it takes in his power to keep me happy. I am not someone with high maintenance or difficult to deal with. If he can understand me and if he loves me truly, he’ll know how to keep me happy and contended. I don’t ask much, I want to be loved like how my mum loves me and I want to feel protected and secured like how my dad protects me.

He must be able to love me for who I am, and mustn’t request for more. He shouldn’t be snobbish or pick out on me especially when I am angry. Obviously, I am nowhere perfect, he must know that I get heated easily and with right words and timing, I cool down just in no time.

He must be able to compliment me, mentally and emotionally to create the equilibrium between us. I know everyone wants someone who is funny, caring, sweet, romantic, handsome, macho, etc etc etc. But the most important thing of all, he has to complete me as a whole. He has to fit into me as a missing jigsaw puzzle piece.

There are other qualities which I seek for in a guy, but the ones I mentioned above is the crucial ones.

No matter how hard we try or hope or even dream, only the God knows we deserve whom. Lets live and enjoy the life while we can and appreciate whatever the God gives us.

Wait for the boy that would do anything to be your everything.

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