Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Etude House Mini Haul

Yesterday, Dylla and I went to Queensbay Mall to look for some stuffs. As usual, we will browse through shops and end up commenting on the sales girls and the sky high prices.We tried our luck at eating sushi at Sushi King. Not bad, we can actually swallow them down, In fact, they were quite delicious. We have already decided on what to eat on the next trip to Sushi King.After that, had our dinner at McDonalds. We eat ALOT, yes.

Before satisfying our taste buds, we went to Etude House to see if they have any promotions going on for their face masks. Our luck, they are having a promotion right now, up to the 25th of December!

I quite liked their face mask.They don’t break me out nor irritate my skin. They make my skin to feel smoother and brighter. My personal favourite will be the Lemon mask.

Anyway, back to the haul, the masks were sold at rm15 for 5 mask. Dylla took 2, the Royal Jelly one and the Lemon mask. I took the Pearl Extract,Pomegranate and Aloe mask.

Of course,we didn’t just stop at the mask shelf. We schemed through their other product, and me, I headed to the nail polish shelf. I saw that they are having some kind of promotion. Don’t really remember the prices but the SA told me that I’ll get 10% off for one item, 15% if I buy two and 25% off if I buy 3 items. We both were broke ATM, so we said no.

Moving to the next shelf, we saw that they are selling different types of polishes at RM5/bottle. Obviously, I had to try them, right? Besides, there was this peachy polish which I have been hunting for god knows how long! The SA tried the color on my nails, I asked for Dylla’s opinion and yes, I grabbed it! Then, I saw this mint colored polish. The same thing happened and I grabbed that as well. Then the SA, knowing my nail polish fetish kind of thing (is there such thing??), she showed to me this purple glittery polish which is equally lovely! Sighing out, I told her that I’ll take that as well. She wanted to show me another color and I said no! I can’t afford to buy more than what I have already picked. God, such an impulse buyer, I am!

The SA was very friendly to us, and we liked her so much. We liked her even more when she gave us a generous number of free gifts! We both got a sample-sized toner+moisturizer kit and Dylla got a few BB cream samples. I didn’t get/take the BB cream as the SA told me that they don’t have the right tone for me. To compensate that, she gave me another toner+moisturizer kit. So generous of her!

Let the picture do it’s talking next.


Dylla’s stuff. Pic courtesy by Dylla Fadzil. Check out her Instagram at @dyllafadzil.


My stuff: Skin Malgeum Kit, Pomegranate,Aloe and Pearl Extract Face Mask and LuciDarling Fantastic Nails SP #02, LuciDarling Fantastic Nails GL #03 and GL #05.





So that was our unexpected haul.


And of course, our bill.


Till then~

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