Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Genting Trip 2012

Two days after Diwali, we packed our stuffs and made our way to Genting Highlands. I was so excited as during the previous visit, we never had the chance to play all the outdoor games. So this time, I made a point to try all the games.

We checked into Genting First World Hotel, or the colorful hotel as how I call it. One of the largest hotel in the world with about more than 8000 rooms. That’s huge, right? We booked two rooms, unfortunately, we got one on the 16th floor and another one on the 20th floor. My brothers took the one on the 16th floor while my parents and I took the one on the 20th floor.

That night, my father went around to look for spectacles, he left his at home. So the rest of us decided to stroll around in The First World Plaza. The scenery was so good, a lot of people and it was warm inside. It shocked me to see one Crunch ice-cream costs about RM4 there while down in Kuala Lumpur, it’s about only RM1.50. Not surprising though, as it’s a tourist spot and it’s normal to find things at a higher price.

We went to bed quite late after walking through the crowd, watching shows and window shopping. The next day, at about 11am, we all got showered and got ready to hit the theme park. We bought our ticket, only RM50 for unlimited all-day entry to the Outdoor Theme Park. I am quite surprised to learn the price,I expected a higher price. After that, we went to the canteen right opposite the theme park for our lunch.

At about 11.30am, we finally entered the theme park. As it was still early, not many people were around. We decided to go for the Sungai Rejang Plume Ride first. Halfway there, my brothers wanted to go for the Bumper Boat. I didn’t want to go for Bumper Boat, so I followed my parents to the Sungai Rejang ride. Litlle did I know that they wanted to go on the Mini Train and Antique Car! I was so disappointed, but I can’t complaint either,they want to have some time to relax too. So yea, I had to follow them and only after that I got to know that my brothers went for the Sungai Rejang Plume Ride already!! I was so disapointed again :(

Too bad, the queue was too long by the time I reached the entrance to that ride. SO, we all decided to go for the Corkscrew, the longest roller coaster in Genting. I really enjoyed the ride. It was so much fun! But before that, I kept thinking and praying that nothing like Final Destination movie happens. So lame of me!

Then, we went to the Space shot. Damn, I can never go for the ride without feeling scared. We proceeded to the Dinosaur Park before my brothers wanted to retire to their room. On the previous visit, they tried all the games, so this time it was quite boring for them to play them again. My Dad chose to join them ,leaving me and my Mum to have fun. We tried all the other games available on that day including boating, which I enjoyed the most.

We wanted to go for the Dragon Ride so badly, but too bad, it was down for maintenance.We then took our dinner before heading back to our room. And I, of course took the chance to soak myself in the bath tub. It was really nice to have a hot bath after a tiring day. One thing to note here, the hotel rooms in the First World Hotel is not air-conditioned. It comes with ceiling fan. What we did was to switch off the fan and we left the windows open.

The next day, we checked out early as I wanted to go to the Strawberry Farm/Park at Gohtong. It was on our way back to Kuala Lumpur. Nothing much there, except for a souvenir shop and also farms with strawberries and vegetables. Not to forget, there’s a mushroom nursery as well. My brother bought a packet of fresh strawberries while I got myself some key chains before heading back home.

Next, I’ll let the pictures do their talking.


Check In






First World Hotel, where we stayed.




On the double-decker carousal.

Below: Boating!



So colourful, like a poster!


My 2 pest brothers.







That’s all for now. Till then~

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